10 December 2017

Our warmest welcome to our honored guests and our regular visitors who were in our midst this past Lord’s Day. May our shared experience in this worship increase your inward peace and joy, understanding and strength. Please come back again.

Today, 1:15pm
All church committee members, please be available for this last meeting of 2017. There are decisions to be made for next year’s plans.

24 December, 2-5pm
For this year’s Christmas Outreach Program, we will be hosting our very first Christmas Carnival.
We are doing it with the “Station Approach”. There are at least 5 stations and each station will host its own activity for us to participate. For example, there is a 3D Card Making Station; see samples at foyer. Also, there is a Christmas Ornament Making Station.

Christmas is the perfect time to invite friends to a place where they can participate in a non-threatening event and are introduced to Jesus, Savior of the world.

Make it your goal to invite at least 1 friend to our coming Christmas Carnival.

Stationery for the Carnival
Help us with the types of stationery needed for the Christmas Carnival. They are just on loan; we will return you the week after the Carnival. Please see the list of stationery items at the notice board. Samples of the items are in the basket. Thank you!

The birth of Jesus, our Savior changed everything. It introduced grace, changed our future and altered our eternity. God reached down into the world and sent His Son to save and lead us back home.
This Christmas we worship our Savior. We worship Our King. We worship our Messiah. We worship Jesus!

OUR CONDOLENCES to Ong Kok Ning and family
on the passing of his mother, the late Mdm. Lim on Monday morning. May God give you the peace that you seek and grant you the strength during this time of grief.

Kok Ning and siblings and their respective families like to thank the Geylang brethren, both the English and Mandarin-speaking, for your kind concern and condolences during the bereavement of their mother this past week. Many thanks.

Eric and Maggie Lee are in UK to spend time with Joyce and her newborn girl, Sophie.

Sharon and Cecil are in Australia
Joel and Jocelyn are in Hokkaido, Japan

13-17 December
Matthew, Helen, Joann, Eugene, Grace and Danny Lim will be leaving this Wednesday for Kuching, East Malaysia to partner with the churches there to run their annual Children’s Camp.
Pray for God to work through them to help the children know God and His Word better.

31 December (Sunday); From 7pm onward
7:00—8:30pm   Family Dinner Steamboat
8:45—10:15pm Thanksgiving Service
10:30—               Activity & Countdown to New Year 2018

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