24 December 2017

Our warmest welcome to our honored guests and our regular visitors who were in our midst this past Lord’s Day. May our shared experience in this worship increase your inward peace and joy, understanding and strength. Please come back again.

Today, 2-5pm
Join us and enjoy the Christmas season with our fun filled Christmas Carnival.
Fun activities for everybody of all ages, including Games station, Ornament Making station, Coffee & Tea station, Christmas Card Making station, and Photo-taking station.

We are excited to celebrate this Christmas with you! It’s a great event to invite friends to!

57 children from 3 kampong churches participated in this year camp. It was facilitated by 7 members from Seremban, 6 from Geylang and 1 from Malacca.

The theme: Who is Jesus Christ?
Bible studies, games, action songs, art and craft activities (all related to the theme) and a lot of sharing and fellowship. Praise God!.

Eric and Maggie Lee are in UK to spend time with family.
Antony Ng and Agnes are in Korea.
Raybestor Loke and family are in Bangkok.
Peter, Ivy and several of the Chinese-speaking members are in Bintang, Indonesia.

7:00—8:30pm Family Dinner Steamboat
8:45—10:15pm Thanksgiving Service
10:30— Activity & Countdown to New Year 2018

Do note that there will be NO English worship service on 31 December
Sunday morning.
We will gather at 7pm for the church family dinner. Thereafter, we will have our English worship service.

1. Potluck style
Everybody brings a dish to share. What if our dishes clash? Not to worry. We have provided a food list at the notice board. Sign your name on the item that you are bringing. It’s that simple!
2. Equipments
We are going to set up for 8 steamboat tables. Please check on our equipments list at the notice board and sign up on what you can loan us from your home.
3. Manpower
Finally, we need a clean-up crew and volunteers. This is quite a massive task. Sign up at the notice board too.

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