He Knows Before You Ask

I had a few personal encounters with God during my stay in Copenhagen (CPH) and I will just choose one to share for now. The peak of my personal journey with God came when I was doing my Masters programme in CPH. By God’s providence, my closest friends were from church. Many of them were international students like me, so I easily felt the connection. There were about 5 Singaporeans who were all Christians. I could not believe how this can be a coincidence.

During my last semester, I extended my programme to finish my thesis as did most of the students in my course. The university said they would help us to extend our visa for another 6 months (until March 2015) and so I personally called my university to ensure that my visa was extended and they assured that it was.

I completed my thesis by September and I arranged for an internship at a Danish company who told me they could only take me in from October to December 2014. During the month of August, while I was preparing for my thesis, a disturbing feeling kept residing in me- one that I could not understand. I told myself that it was pressure building up due to the stress I had in preparing for my thesis presentation. I confided in my church sisters in Copenhagen and they prayed together with me. A thought came to me that maybe I should go back to Singapore after my thesis instead of staying back in CPH during the 3 weeks break. Maybe I was feeling so terrible because I was homesick. I told my parents of my decision and they felt it was a huge waste of money to come back for just 3 weeks only to go back again (especially since I was coming home for good in December). However, I told them I really needed to go home and I could not explain it. The next thing I knew, I booked the air tickets home, and a huge weight lifted off my chest.

After I got back to CPH for my internship, I was perplexed that I had not received my new visa card which had my extended stay. I called the immigration and found out that the school somehow missed my application for an extension. The lady over the phone asked me “Are you residing illegally in Denmark now?” My heart froze, but I quickly remembered that I went home for 3 weeks before my visa expired. I was then told that because I did that, I was considered to be back “as a tourist” and can stay in CPH for another 3 months – exactly the duration I needed for my internship.

This was when I realised that God had just saved me from a lot of unnecessary trouble with the Danish law. It was something I did not even see coming and hence did not even ask God for help. The worrying feeling in my heart that my church sisters said it could be “the holy spirit worrying for me”, plus the perfect timing I chose to go back home, proved to me that God did not wait for me to ask for help. With that I was able to return to Singapore without any bad record.

“Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matt 6:8


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