My Bargain With God

I first heard of Jesus at about 15 years old. My form teacher who lived in a big black and white bungalow (along Stevens Road) opposite our school, invited us to her house before school to sing Christian songs and listen to Bible stories. Now whenever I passed by those houses, I always have a special memory for them.

During one of those sessions, the teacher said that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. I was thinking, 'What! you mean even a good Buddhist or a Muslim cannot go to Heaven?” I could not accept the fact and never went back again.

During Pre-University days, I tagged along with my Catholic friends to go to Novena to pray for exams passes only. I loved hearing those answered prayers - read out by a priest. So I wanted to be baptised but she discouraged me citing that it is so troublesome – I need to attend many Catheism classes first.

After marriage at 23 years old, I had 2 miscarriages. I made a pact with God that if He allows me to keep my next baby, I will believe Him. Thank God that He did! He not only gave me a daughter, He gave me a son too!

In my early stages of pregnancy, I had to be in hospital for 3 months. My colleagues gave me many Christian books to read, knowing that I love to read. Those books prepared me further to know more about God and His Son.

When my daughter, Dawn, was one year old, I resigned from work to look after her full-time. I was wondering what to do during my spare time. Around that period in 1981, Bedok Church had a house church along Jln Tua Kong which was about 10-minute walk from my house. They had done a lot of distribution of tracts around that area. My niece passed me a tract she picked up from our letterbox. So, the next Sunday morning, I left my daughter with my husband, to fulfill my part of the bargain with God. I had a one-to-one bible study with Lim Poh Imm and 3 weeks later, I realized how sinful I was and still am! So I confessed, repented and baptised to ask God for forgiveness. I was baptised at East Coast beach, my favourite place.

Throughout my walk with God for 30 odd years, He has kept me faithful in my marriage and gave me a job as a special needs teacher at 48 years old! During my 10 years as a teacher, He protected me from my students who could not control their emotions. As I have a metal rod beside my spine, I could be paralysed from a nasty push and fall. The only injury I had, was a bite on my arm.

9 years of BSF studies had revealed to me the character of the God of Abraham and Jacob - the Almighty, wonderful Father, King, Saviour, Brother, Lord, Friend and the God Most High.


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