Finding Salvation

In my early youth, I was like most people who care little for religion. All I desired was to get on in life – to do my service on earth, live a clean moral life, play the part of a good neighbour and obey my parents and teachers. I have been in this position for the past fourteen years! Then one day, as I was conversing with my classmate on my way home from school, he brought up a question “Where does life comes from and where do our souls go to after death?” I criticized this question at first realizing not the meaning in it. The question was a very difficult one and I confessed I have arrived at no definite conclusion. His next question, however, brought me to my present state, and that was “Do I know how to find my true salvation?” Strange but true, is the fact that many people want to be saved but do not know how to go about finding God’s way of salvation. As we look at the world today, we see a sense of darkness and despair. The natural man finds it very difficult to see even a ray of hope in this tragic drama of turmoil and strife. One evening at 8pm (22 Nov 1965 – Friday) David invited me to attend service with him. As my examination was over I accepted his invitation. My first impression about Church of Christ lies not in the Word of God but at the friendly attitudes of every member there. This friendly and warm welcome fascinated my feelings very much that from then on, I keep looking for the nearest opportunity to step into the ‘building’ (home of Sister Polly Lee) again. This attitude was not for long until I stepped into some serious questions about my salvation. My mother objected to my visits to church. As a result, I had to lie to her whenever I wanted to attend the meetings. But it was not for long. These lies soon leaked but no serious action was taken. I passed my final exam and as a result was allowed to attend the meetings if I spent my time evenly. Great news indeed, and subsequently I became a regular guest in the assembly. Before long, I found myself attracted to Christianity very much. I would go over to David’s house often and talked about the church and its faith. In general, we talked about various denominations and its doctrines known in Singapore. When we encountered any difficult questions we usually sought advice from older brethren and they provided us with good Biblical answers. It was December 1965, close to Christmas Day when Brother Jud Whitefield and Brother Tan Kheng Koon came over to Queenstown congregation to hold a gospel meeting. It was on the last day of the gospel meeting that I heartily accepted Christ as my Saviour and Redeemer. In life we can hardly fail to appreciate the truth in the Word of God if we stop to think of the myriads – yes, myriads in the most literal sense – of sins that threatens a human life from cradle to grave. I thereby repented of my sins. The same night (25 Dec 1965 – Saturday) I was baptized by Brother Robert Wee into death with Christ (10:30pm) at Moulmein Church of Christ’s baptistery. It was my happiest moment for being so blessed among the myriads of this world to be able to be a child of God. The whole night seemed “a bright morning” to me. Praise the Lord, He has kept me faithful until this day. I look forward to seeing Him face to face one day. Till then, it’s still walking with Him and waiting for His call.

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